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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"

The advantages of being part of the DAD/DAC™ team are many, but with a narrow focus.  As a team, we can work to benefit canine operations overall by serving as a vehicle to garner a positive view in the public eye.  as we continue working with youth, the public will realize how beneficial canines are to our society, and the impact they can make in the war against drug dealers.


Fund Raising

          DAD/DAD™ Members receive help with fund raising efforts.

          DAD/DAD™ Members receive help with funding of K9 supplies.

We are here to help your canine operations.  When you need additional equipment, supplies or any other related assistance, we will do our best to help you with those needs.  unfortunately, we do not have an endless supply of money.  our funding comes from public donations, corporate sponsorships and certain fund-raising events.  However, we want to encourage all team members to ask anytime, for anything, that you may need to continue or improve your K9 operations capabilities.


           DAD/DAD™ Members receive notices on upcoming training events.

           DAD/DAD™ Members receive assistance in developing public
           demonstrations for civic organizations.

           DAD/DAD™ Members receive support via the Puppy Patrol™ program for
           presentations to area school children.

We can help with seminar performance techniques, special event planning and coordination, and methods for contacting the public. as a team member, we can provide you with informational supplies such as brochures and public relations supplies such as DAD/DAC™ t-shirts, stickers, patches etc.

If you have never performed with your dog before a group of children at a school, or a civic group, we encourage you to do so.  this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the DAD/DAC™ team's mission, and the pubic relations your gain from it will be outstanding.  Don't worry if you don't consider yourself a great public speaker.  it's your dog who's the star anyhow!  Children love dogs, and when they see you and your partner find hidden drugs, apprehend a bad guy, and get a chance to pet such a  "hero" of a dog, they really love it.


            The DAD/DAC™ Network of k9 handlers stretches across the United States and into several
            foreign countries.  DAD/DAC™ members can draw on the vast experience of thousands of
            K9 handlers to exchange techniques in fund raising, training, demonstrations, and 

            DAD/DAC™ offers members a quarterly publication that full of training articles and articles reproduced
            from publications in DAD/DAC™ members local communities.

You will receive our publication, DOGS AGAINST DRUGS/DOGS AGAINST CRIME. As a member, you can have articles about you and your K9 operation published in the magazine, which will be distributed to the citizens and police agencies throughout the United States and other countries.

We hope you will enjoy being part of the team.  There's plenty of work ahead but the rewards make up for it. While we can help each other, one of the best aspects of it all is reaching out to the children who can so easily become victims of the drug menace.  Let's work together to let our communities know just how important K9 operations are.




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Last edited October 24, 2003