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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"


DAD/DAC™ is pleased to announce the following benefits of membership:

Special first time purchase discount from Ray Allen Company
         (worlds largest and oldest working dog equipment company)

10% discount on all purchases from All-American K9 Supply
          (wide variety of top quality K9 training equipment)

10% Discount on all purchases from Tactical Supply, Inc.
          (hundreds of brands of police/emergency equipment)

Special low fees for all DAD/DAC training events and seminars.

10% discount on all purchases from BC Leads & K9 Supply
         (handcrafted leads, leashes and other leather goods)

As our organization grows, the list of benefits for members will grow as well. We will continue to offer:

INFORMATION RESOURCE SERVICES-Exhaustive case law research on
         any K9 or law enforcement issue; Information on departmental SOP for K9
         units; Information on state-level grant research and assistance with grant
         application procedures.

DAD/DAC™ GRANTS- Funding, as available, to provide for training
         equipment/supplies, and for the purchase of dogs.

PUPPY PATROL™ SUPPLIES- our anti-drug education program continues
        to gain popularity.  over 600,000 children nationwide have taken part in this
        program.  We will continue to provide these supplies to members upon
        request at no cost.

WORK DAYS AND SEMINARS- We will continue to offer these events
         more often and in more areas each year.  We will also host 3 and 5 day
         seminars, covering many topics and featuring a diverse range of



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