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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"

Donations and Sponsorships help save lives.

To date, DAD/DAC™ has donated over $400,000 to officers throughout the U.S. for the purchase of highly trained police service dogs, training equipment and supplies, to send officers to training schools, and for other K9 related needs. In addition, over 700,000 school-aged children have had the unique opportunity of attending a DAD/DAC™ Puppy Patrol™ anti-drug education program. The educational materials given to the children during the program are provided to member officers free of charge by the association.

DAD/DAC™ receives donations in various ways.

OPTION 1. Instant online donation via Paypal.

OPTION 2:  Sponsorship donation application.  

For all sponsorship donations, please complete step one - application so we know your preference in applying your funds, as well as step two - donation, so we may receive your funds. 






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