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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our top 5 most frequently asked questions.  If you need more information and can not find it in our website, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-323-3227.


Q = How much is it to be a DAD/DAC member?

A = $35.00 a year for one person.


Q = How do I get information on DAD/DAC?

A = Email your fax number and request to and a package will be sent to you.  Soon we'll be able to email the package right back to you.



Q = How do I request a puppy patrol?

A = Email with your request or call DAD/DAC #1-888-323-3227 with your area code and phone number and you will recieve a contact number for your area.



Q = Do I have to be in law enforcement to be a member?

A = No, DAD/DAC membership is open to everyone.



Q = How do I get on DAD/DAC's mailing list?

A = Your $35.00 yearly membership puts you on the mailing list for all of DAD/DAC's mailings.




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