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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"


Thank you for your interest in joining the DAD/DAC Association.

The advantages of being a member of the Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime Association are many, but with a narrow focus. As a team, we can work to benefit canine operations overall by serving as a vehicle to garner a positive view of police dogs in the public's eye. As we continue working with youth, the public will realize how beneficial canines are to our society and the impact they can make in the war against the illicit drug trade and other crimes.

We are here to help officers with their K9 operations in numerous ways. When officers need additional equipment, training supplies or any other related assistance, we will do our best to help meet those needs through our direct grant program. As of 2000, DAD/DAC has donated over $500,000 to officers throughout the U.S. for implementing new K9 programs, purchasing equipment and supplies, and attending schools and seminars.

If you are a K9 handler currently employed with a police department, check out our membership benefits!

Please complete all 5 steps listed below. 

1.  Complete the online membership application form

2.  Mail your check in the amount of $35.00 for your membership dues (payable to DAD/DAC)

3.  Mail a copy of any certification documents for your dog (if applicable)

4.  Mail a photo of yourself and your dog (please include your name and your dogs name on all correspondence)

5.  Mail any media coverage your K9 team has received (if applicable)


Mail to:



3320 Main Street, Suite G

Anderson, IN 46013




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