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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"

Active Officers in Puppy Patrol

The following officers have been actively participating in Puppy Patrol demonstrations and we thank them for their support:

Matthew Bucksath

Eric Littlefield

Bradley Pugh

David Smith

Mike Smith

Frank Kerr

Mel Brown

Javier Garcia

Randy Cates

Alexandra Salazar

Bert Badertscher

Ronnie LeMaster

Kelvin Hall

Michael Fink

Joseph DiPeitranonio

Christopher Bax


If you are active in Puppy Patrol and aren’t on the list, please contact the DAD/DAC™ office and let them know. They won’t know you are active in Puppy Patrol unless you tell them!


If you are an officer and a current member of DAD/DAC™ with a desire to participate in Puppy Patrol presentations please review the guidelines.




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Last edited October 24, 2003