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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"


GUIDELINES for Puppy Patrol Officers


For an officer to give an official Puppy Patrol demonstration, he or she must do the following: 

Request Puppy Patrol materials at least 30 days in advance.
Hand out a participation certificate to each child.
Make sure each child gets a DAD/DAC brochure.
Turn in demo report to the DAD/DAC office (Fax it to Tammy at 765/642-4899 or email it to



As if helping children stay away from drugs isn’t enough, DAD/DAC has come up with another reason for officers to do Puppy Patrol demonstrations.


When you turn in a Puppy Patrol report, the DAD/DAC office will keep track of the number of demonstrations you have given. After five demonstrations, you will receive a DAD/DAC baseball cap. After 10 demonstrations, you’ll get a DAD/DAC sweatshirt. After 25, you’ll get a DAD/DAC flight jacket. After 50, you will get a $100 gift certificate to Ray Allen!


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Last edited October 24, 2003