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"The Top Dogs Are Drug Free"

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We save lives, you can too!

DAD/DAC™ employs three unique, but equally important approaches toward the battle against illegal drugs and other crimes.  "Check out Puppy Patrol"

The First Approach is to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to law enforcement officers for obtaining highly trained police service dogs and related supplies needed for the implementation or continuation of a K9 unit. A well-trained K9 team can be an asset to any size of police agency, though funding for implementing and supporting such a specialized unit may not always be available. 

The initial cost of implementing a K9 program with a high quality dog and a professional training course, the necessary equipment for the unit, converting a vehicle and other incidentals can range between $8,000 - $12,000, on average. The DAD/DAC Association, through its grant program and other methods, attempts to assist as many officers as possible with implementing and/or supporting a K9 program. In addition to direct grant funding, we also provide a wealth of informational resources, such as K9-related case law briefs and/or full case text, outlines on implementing a K9 program, FLSA guides, administrative information, samples of departmental SOP's and other such helpful information. The overall purpose is to help officers reach their goal of implementing a K9 program.

Public and private donations are a much needed and greatly appreciated resource. If you would like to make a monetary or equipment gift to DAD/DAC for distribution to K9 units, the process if quick and simple. Just print and complete the Donation Form. Remember, your donations to DAD/DAC™ are tax deductible. 




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